Arni Gudmundsson is a visual and performance artist, builder, wrestler, and healthy eater, raised in the sea-faring nations of Iceland and the Netherlands.  Now based in the US and Sweden, he loves the television show, Dallas

Works in a variety of mediums–from sculpture to photography and drawing. He is the co-founder of two artist-run galleries in Stockholm (Konstakuten and I:DI,) as well as with one of the initiators of Supermarket, an international fair of independent artist initiatives. Gudmundsson participates in many shows throughout Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East as both an artist and an organizer.

Viking Vax is a line of fun, handmade commercial products made from wax. Founded in 2015, Viking Vax started as the outgrowth of a work called Radical Chic that I made for a 2004 exhibition in Moviken, Sweden, and which featured a giant lighted hand grenade. Because stearin is a pure and clean material, it lent itself well to the idea of the Peace Grenade that became a multiple from this exhibition. From there evolved various ideas involving the entertaining use of stearin, wicks, and light.




Born: 1964, Amsterdam


-85 – 88 AKI, Enschede, Holland

-88 – 90 Konsthögskolan, Stockholm, Sweden

 Solo exhibitions:

-16 Fantasy of a human, with Anne Weshinskey, Ifö-Center , Bromölla, Sweden

-15 Testosterone, Warsaw Photo Days, Warsaw, Poland

-14 Sparkles and Taxes, A performance with Anne Weshinskey at the Nothing Gallery, Xiamen, China

-13 Sculptures and drawings, CEAC, Xiamen, China

-12 Ten moralistic anecdotes, IDI galleri, Stockholm

-12 Stilleben, IDI gallery, Stockholm

-11 Stilleben, Galleri 69 Oslo, Norway

-10 Stilleben A portrait of masculinity , Galleri Konstepidemin, Göteborg, Sweden

-07 Good but not ok, IDI, Stockholm,

-05 Felfri förebild, Galleri Pia Dunér, , Göteborg Sweden

-05 Felfri förebild, ID:I Galleri, , Stockholm, Sweden

-02 ID:I Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden

-00 Gamla Skolan, Järrestad, Sweden

-99 Galleri Andreas Brändström, Stockholm, Sweden

-97 Gallerie Du Nord, Borås, Sweden

-96 Galleri Andreas Brändström, Stockholm, Sweden

-95 W139, Amsterdam, Holland

-94 Galleri Andreas Brändström, Stockholm, Sweden

-92 Gerduberg, Reykjavik, Iceland

-91 Galleri Eklund, Umeå, Sweden

-90 Galleri Mejan, Stockholm, Sweden


Group exhibitions/projects

-18 Roling Snowball, Djupivogur, Iceland

-16 Pernik USA, Water Tower Art Fest, Pernik, Bulgaria

-15 SMYTV, Konstepepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden

-15 If We Were Bulgarian, Video stills, Water Tower Art Fest, Pernik, Bulgaria

-15 10 år jubileum utställning, galleri 69 Oslo, Norway

-14 Rolling Snowball 5, Djupavogur, Iceland

-13 Performed with the Fujian Acrobatic Troop of China, Fuzhou, China

-13 Rolling Snowball 4, Live Show Wonderland, Quanzhou, China

13 Perşembe Pazarı Projects, Caravansarai, Istanbul, Turkey

-12 United notions 10 year anniversary exhibition IDI galleri, Stockholm

-12 Plop painting, Belgrade Art-fair, Belgrade, Serbia

-12 American Girl,  with Anne Weshinskey, Water tower art fest, Sofia Bulgaria

-12 Plop painting, Cultivatus, Vinterviken Stockholm

-11  Marriage, Performance with Anne Weshinskey, Water Tower Art Fest, , Sofia, Bulgaria

-10 Project Scandinavia, Water Tower Art Fest, Sofia Bulgaria

-10 Art Happens, formverk, Eskilstuna,Sweden

-10 FRIENDS, IDI galleri, Stockholm, Sweden

-10 Caravansarai, Istanbul at Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

-09 Art In Office, Stockholm, Sweden

-09 First Artist Initiatives Istanbul Meeting, Kadirga, Istanbul, Turkey

-09 V.art09, Värnamo, Sweden

-09 Kuten, Helsinki, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

-08 Plan B, Kuten, Bologna, Italy.

-08 Four of a kind, Sundsvall museum, Sundsvall, Sweden

-08 Lika för lika, Gävle Konstcentrum,  Gävle, Sweden

-08 Finnkamp, IDI, Stockholm, Sweden

-08 ID:I Gallery, Supermarket, Stockholm, Sweden

-07 PS2, Skansen, Västra Torup, Sweden

-06 Placing Sense, Muu gallery, Helsinki, Finland

-05 Moviken Art, Moviken, Sweden

-04 DADA DUM, video project, ID:I Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden

-04 Multiplex, Skulpturens hus, Stockholm, Sweden

-03 I am a curator, Chisenhale Gallery, London, England

-03 Time out, Performance, Nordicliveart.org, Göteborgs Konstmuseet, Göteborg

-02 Goa Gubbar Bygger Båt I Göteborg, performance with, Sub Bau, Göteborg, Sweden

-02 Curatorial Market, Cuchifritos, NYC, USA

-02 Ryggskott, Konstfrämjandet, Norrköping

-02 Älskar, älskar absolut inte, Gävle konstcentrum, Gävle

-02 Galleriet, Vaxholm, Sweden

-02 Ego, Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China

-01 Konstnärsmöte, with Cristian Rieloff, Lusaka, Zambia, Africa

-99 Boxing , Vanda, Stadsmuseum Vanda, Finland

-99 1:a på 2:an, Plan 3, Örebro Konsthall, Örebro, Sweden

-99 Organic chauvinism, Porgatori, Valencia, Spain

-99 Club Europe Unit, The Nunnery, London. England.

-97 Galleri Du Nord, Borås, Sweden

-96 Marx v Marx, performance with T. Elovsson, P. Hüttner, A . Brag

Reykjavik, Iceland, Oslo, Norway, Helsinki, Finland

-96 Multimedia squared, Landsdown House, London, England

-96 Who does the world think it is ?, Kabelfabriken, Helsinki, Finland

-95 Art Cologne, Galleri Andreas Brändström, Cologne, Germany

-95 Stockholm Smart Show, Galleri Andreas Brändström, Stockholm, Sweden

-95 Comp I Box, Amsterdam, Netherlands

-95 Comp I Box, Stockholm, Sweden

-94 Stockholm Art Fair, Nordiskt 90-tal, special installation, Stockholm, Sweden

-94 Stockholm Smart Show, Galleri Andreas Brändström, Stockholm, Sweden

-94 Art Cologne, Galleri Andreas Brändström, Cologne, Germany

-93 Ad Hoc, Galleri Nordenhake, Stockholm, Sweden

-91- 92 Aurora 4, Nordiskt Konstcentrum, Helsinki, Finland;

Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden



Umeå Kommun

Statens Konstråd

Huddinge Sjukhus, Huddinge, Sweden

Gävle Kommun



-02/-11, Board member and initiator of I:DI gallery

-08 Supermarket International Art Fair for Artist-Run Spaces, Eskilda Galleriet, Stockholm

-07Supermarket International Art Fair for Artist-Run Spaces, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

-06 MiniMarket Art Fair for Artist Run Spaces, Konstnärshuset Stockholm

-04 Multiplex, a tribute to Bernie Kirchenbaum, Skulpturens Hus, Stockholm, Sweden

-03 Board member of KRO (artist union) for the district of Stockholm.

-02 Initiated I:DI gallery, Stockholm, Sweden with D. Westlund, C. Rieloff.

-96- 01 Konstakuten board member with Per Hüttner, Sofie Sweger, and C. Rieloff.

-95 Initiated Konstakuten with Per Hüttner.

-95 Shaking patterns, 40 artists from Sweden and Holland, W139, Amsterdam, Holland



-06     Konstfack (Stockholm, Sweden) lecture Organising your Own Thing

1996, -98, -99, -01, -02, -03   Teacher, Nordiska konstskolan, Kokkola, Finland

1999, -01   Konstskolan Paletten, Stockholm, Sweden

–00   Örebro Konstskola


Public Commissions

2007 Sailing baby, Barnens sjukhus Huddinge sjukhus, Huddinge, Sweden

2002 Urnan, Gävle kommun, Sweden

2000 Borg, Barnens sjukhus, Huddinge sjukhus, Huddinge, Sweden


Project administrator

2000 Artotek, Barnens sjukhus, Huddinge universitets sjukhus, Huddinge, Sweden


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