Arni Gudmundsson works in a variety of mediums–from sculpture to photography, performance, and drawing. He is the co-founder of two artist-run galleries in Stockholm (Konstakuten and I:DI,) as well as with one of the initiators of Supermarket, an international fair of independent artist initiatives. Gudmundsson participates in many shows throughout Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East as both an artist and an organizer.


Viking Vax is a line of fun, handmade commercial products made from wax. Founded in 2015, Viking Vax started as the outgrowth of a work called Radical Chic that I made for a 2004 exhibition in Moviken, Sweden, and which featured a giant lighted hand grenade. Because styrene is a pure and clean material, it lent itself well to the idea of the Peace Grenade that became a multiple from this exhibition. From there evolved various ideas involving the entertaining use of styrene, wicks, and light.

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